Thursday, May 14

So, I don't know how many of you like or know about Family Life Radio (90.3), but I have to say, I absolutely love it. I always listened to Air1 in the past, but now, I barely ever go that way. Not to make it seem like I am a sponsor or an employee, but I like the morning show, the 1:00 and 9:00 talks with Dr. Randy Carlson, and even the Adventures in Odyssey sections at 8:00 pm on weeknights and 8:00 am on Saturday mornings. Let's admit it, there are always lessons that we need to re-learn, no matter how old we are. Oh, and on Sunday mornings, there's a great pastor that I get a good chunk in on during my drive to church. It's really random how his messages will go in-sync with Ben's as well. It's super awesome.

I say all of that for this.... because today was another one of those days. See, I was simply driving from Target to Michaels (maybe a 30 second drive), and that's when I heard a pastor say this...
"People's testimony isn't who they are on a Sunday morning during church - it's
who they are at work. I want to see people how they are at work, in their
workplace, around their fellow employees. I want to see how they act, and
how they treat people."

That little chunk was so great. It made me think... How do I treat people? I'm sure the people from Insight know quite a side of me. I had my ups and downs... from times where they saw me as the Mexico missions minded person that also taught the Prims on Wednesdays to being a drunken fool that got escorted out of the Insight Bowl because I was complete drunken idiot. They saw me at the 2 extremes that I have lived my life. Which, honestly, is kind of the reason why I never wanted to go back there. Plus, there are some people that still work there, that are definite reminders of the worst and stupidest mistakes that I have ever made.

Now, here, at my new job, I have a new start. People know that I am a church-goer, that I used to live in Mexico and work at orphanages - and that I can't go back to them. Yet, they also know that I go to bars a few times a year, and that I have impeccable taste in beer (if I do say so myself). It's after having conversations with people about stuff like that that I wonder, uh oh, did that ruin my witness... Then, I reflect and realize that I added the important details... you know, the ones that say, I don't drink to excess or very much, and that I drink soberly...

So, I definitely still have more to ponder on, and I can try to live my testimony of my life to a better accord. I need to process what is acceptable and beneficial, and also what isn't... Hopefully, this will be encouraging to some so that you may be able to do the same.

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